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Cloud Gate, Chicago

Cloud Gate, Chicago
The Cloud Gate is, I think, the best place to visit in Chicago.
When it's sunny, when it's cloudy, when it's rainy, it is always wonderful. Weather doesn't matter.
I strongly recommend you to visit at night. That's amazingly great like this (my blog page).

I was a student in New York. In summer break, I visited Chicago. The Cloud Gate is one of my favorite places in Chicago. Its shape is like an egg kicked up, I think. It’s actually “cloud” though.
I visited Chicago in 2012, and there was an outside bar. I got beer. As you may know, drinking alcohol is prohibited in the United States, but it is not the case if the space is a part of a bar or restaurant. I love drinking beer outside more than inside.

The Cloud Gate is located in a big park and is close to city area. In the park, there is something else to see (Please check this blog), but basically, the park is just calm and comfortable. I mean, I think you don’t need like half day to walk around if you plan staying in Chicago for just a few days. It would be fine if you stay there for like several weeks. This is my opinion.

The surface of the object is mirror. Because the shape is strange, you see yourself reflected on it strangely. You should bring your camera.

Cloud Gate Photos

Cloud Gateは日本語名は雲の門と言うのですね。なんだか違和感…。シカゴと言えばこれ。と思っているのは私だけではないと思います。この変な形したオブジェ。ミレニアム公園と言う大きな公園の西側(建物の多い街側)にあります。ニューヨークに留学していた頃の夏休みに行きましたが、なかなか面白くて気に入りました。卵を下から蹴り上げたような不思議な形をしており、表面が鏡になっているので、そこに写る自分の姿がゆがんで見えます。

アメリカでは基本的に外でお酒を飲むことが禁止されており、バーやレストランの一部として囲われた空間でしか飲めません。このCloud Gate(雲の門)の近くにPark Grillというバーのようなレストランのようなお店があって、そこでビールを飲みました。街を眺めながらお昼から飲むビールは格別です。